We are offering this on-line payment system as a convenience to you in paying your invoices. There is a cost for processing Credit Cards and we are passing these costs onto you as a service fee.

Currently the service fee is 2.9 percent plus 30 Cents, which is added onto your changed amount, so we net the correct amount. Thus if you change say $100.00 your card will be run for $103.30 of which $3.30 is the service fee.

Our payment processor is and it will appear on your Credit Card statement as “My Accountant Too, Inc.” you should get an email also. Please note that we don’t store your Credit Card details and we only pass collected details along to square via an encrypted link for processing then we receive a Credit Card was run successfully or it was declined. We don’t keep trying to charge and we don’t store number so that can be used later.

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